Nearing Autumn

I love Halloween even all these years later. I love Autumn, but with global warming, Fall doesn’t start until November anymore. With wild fire “season”, my love for it has been dampened. I dread the smoky days. However, we do have fall colors in my area here in Northern California.

We’ve recently had a few chilly evenings and even days, and while its still too early, it did remind me that Autumn starts in about 6 weeks, but here in Northern California, it only starts feeling like fall in about two months, maybe even a little bit more.

We have buckeye trees next to the dry Creek in our backyard, and they drop their leaves late July or beginning of August, so they give a first glimpse of Autumn. It’s more that they are dried out than anything.

The change in daylight is now noticeable. We have solar lights outside and they come on earlier and turn off later. Some aren’t getting as much sun, and those don’t stay on all night long anymore like they did at Summers peak.

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