Smoke Signal Telegraph

Incoming: Mother Earth Has a Message For Us

Today is the first day where Sierra forest fire smoke has caused our blue sky’s to turn an ominous orange. Its not too bad, but I expect we will now be in a pattern for the next two months. It never used to be this way – last August was the first time I’ve experienced such heavy smoke in the 39 years I’ve lived in the SF Bay Area.

I know its mostly global warming, but the lack of forest management for decades is a big factor. Locally, I’m very, very impressed with how much elimination of underbrush has taken place. In fact, now I can see nice creek beds with redwoods that previously were overgrown as high as 10 feet.

This area used to be ranch land with hills of grass and sparsely growing big old oak trees. Man built neighborhoods, planted like crazy, especially these really shitty Monterrey Pines – sold as a fund raiser by the Boy Scouts decades ago. Luckily many of those shitty weeds are now gone. They only grow sort of OK by the foggy coast – but even in Monterrey they are the worst looking trees, and I’m a tree lover. They dry up and attract beetles inland in my area, and become fire hazards. During rains they seem to get heavy and uproot. They cost thousands to cut down because they grow tall and wide. They lose their needles and many turn brown.

More and more people are installing solar, and if I stay here another 10 years, Ill also go solar. When I move ill look for places with solar.

I sold my car and have used a bike for 2 or 3 years, so I’m trying to do my part.

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