The Ugliest Of Ugly Americans

Americans With Their Heads Up Their Junctions

I wanted to try a psycho billy song, and I think I came close, and for some craziness, I added a Moog Theremini theremin. Its not often that a song could use a theremin. I will try to write a few more – this was huge fun, and I won’t ruin it by trying to sing or “sprechgesang”.

A little "love song"

He's a bloated
Fat orange pig
Worlds biggest phony
Even his wig

Spoiled brat weakling
Spoiled brat putz
When going gets tough
He hides like a schmuck

Yet he comes back
Like a bad hemorrhoid
Bobbing and squinting
Grifting's his ploy

Cons all his suckers
Takes all they're worth
Leaves them for dead
On his scorched earth

Racist and sexist
A self loving fool
Dumb as his spawn
His family jewels

All put together
Less than zero
Contributes to nothing
Nothing to show

Their day will come
And come it will soon
Karma is near
For this pack of goons

Laughing stock
Of the entire world
Their dimwit flag
About to unfurl

2 Comments on “The Ugliest Of Ugly Americans

    • Thanks! I really love this twisted rockabilly stuff. Its so much fun to play – and its pretty pure rock n roll. (With a touch of blues).


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