Reinstatement Celebration (St. Vitus Dance)

The “Reinstatement Celebration Dance”

Today we (didn’t) see incontrovertible evidence that the election was hacked by China. Trump (wasn’t) reinstated. My Pillow Boy DID do his usual St. Vitus Dance after finding out he and others CAN be sued for Billions. It IS Friday the 13th! (Traditionally a Good Luck day for me).

Pillow Boy needs to get some Dr. Miles Restorative Nervine.

I just wrote lyrics for a follow up song. This is WAY too much fun. In this song I actually played violin. That’s the one instrument I need the most practice on.

I also used a really crazy ARP-2600 patch. This follows the Moog Theremini theremin I used a few songs back, and I’m starting to love adding crazy noises which are called “histrionics”.

Another cool thing about this song – its the second this week where I played the most expensive guitar (Fender 60’s Telecaster Thinline – only American made) that I own and which I didn’t think had the value my Korean made Gretsches do, but now I know it does. Its an awesome guitar and took me a year to get here.

Yeah, Friday the 13th has been great for me. Not so much for some others …..

4 Comments on “Reinstatement Celebration (St. Vitus Dance)

      • I have a killer camera that’s great for video. But until I learn how to do video, I just completed a new set for the imaginary puppet theater. It’s all about poisonous “cures” like this Nervatine. Bayer used to sell Heroin it seems. Watch this blog in a day or two. But yeah, I should at least have a video with creepy puppets dancing to Psychobilly music.


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