Packet Capture Post Cyber Symposium Blues

Radium is NOT Good For You

My friend sent a picture and story of a poor bastard near Pittsburgh who basically believed the Snake Oil (Q)uacks and drank Radium Water (lots of it). Step right up!

Snake Oil – Q Approved

I take some morbid solace that [Q]uackery has been with us forever it seems. Salespeople tricking the gullible. Maybe the morons who still follow politicians and conspiracy theorists (who are selling today’s bullshit “cures”) – even as people are dying, isn’t a new phenomenon after all. Stupidity must be a genetic disposition – that’s Eugenics for ya!

You stupid asswads
Please Buck Up!
Dry your tears
Don’t be a chump

Someday soon
He’ll be reinstated,
Just have patience …

Soon he’ll s(h)it
On the right side
Of God, Blessed be,
For Q Anon


Hallowed be his holy name
In Don we Trust
Bigger than God
(Or Jesus)
Your Dollars = His Lust

Packet Capture Device

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