Skeleton Gate

Design for a Haunted House Gate and Fence

I don’t want to jinx it, but we have had one of the best weather months in August in years. We have had fog cooling us down just about every night, and keeping the smoke away. Its been hazy, but so much better than last August.

We have been losing a minute a day of daylight, and now, past halfway mark, its much more noticeable. Yesterday I had my first green apple harvest, and I picked the biggest ones before the squirrels and birds get them. I’m a sucker for Autumn – even though last year the start of it was awful – with all the smoke. Knock on wood that we do better this year.

Delaware Water Gap

I grew up near The Delaware Water Gap, in Newton, NJ, but have been in the SF Bay Area most of my life. The colors are a lot more subtle in my area here in the East Bay – but they are all around.

Subtle Copper and Rust Colors in Lafayette

I’m going to build a miniature gate and fence to go with the gothic Victorian House that I built. I might also paint the house so it looks weathered – like a Hunted House – if I can find a video on the technique.

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