Happy Acres

Welcome to Happy Acres

I got the haunted house painted black yesterday and also built the “Happy Acres” cemetery fence and gate built. I’ll use these for my next several photo shoots. I plan on having one for Autumn / Harvest Season, one for Halloween, and one for Thanksgiving. Then its Christmas and beyond.

Today’s song is meant to be a soundtrack to the cemetery, again, loosely in the Psychobilly vein – but maybe more like a gothic alt-Americana or Dead Country maybe. I had fun with three different Arturia V Collection 8 synth vst patches – using Piano, Solina and Buchla. I tried to create a “haunted music box” piano sound at the end of the song.

If you get tired of evil grifting politicians and greedy businessmen – just remember – there is a special place reserved for each and everyone of them at Happy Acres.

Welcome home
We've been waiting for you
You won't be alone
There's plenty to do

You can't live forever
You were mistaken
We're sure you'll love it
Right hand of satan

Its eerily quiet
Not even a peep
Your friends are buried here
Some are real creeps

We have politicians
And other such fools
Murderers, thieves, swindlers
Just like you

Evil pumpkins will guard
You'll never escape
You'll never go back
Make no mistake

Your place is reserved
In the pits of hell
Too late to repent
You na'er-do-well

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