Little House of Horrors

There is one time of the year I feel just like a little kid. Halloween, but also the entire harvest season.

We now have the best figs, Jimmy Nardello peppers, New Mexico Hatch green Chile peppers, tree fruit and our favorite of all, dry farmed tomatoes.

Combine the fall harvest with shorter days, cooler nights and Halloween, and top this delicious cake with fall colors and I’m a total kid again.

Today I continued work on my haunted house and cemetery, and they look great. I’m building most of the things, but I have purchased a few figurines and other “doo dad’s” and supplies.

Autumn officially starts in just over three weeks. Here, in Northern California, it seems like the “real fall” now doesn’t start until November.

If we keep getting this great daily fog – that we’ve had all August – and it keeps the fire smoke away, I’ll be very happy. As it is, we already are doing better than last year.

Fingers crossed, knock on wood.

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