The Face That Launched A Thousand Chips

Lady Barnacle (aka Sally Mae)

There is a band that is just awesome – they are called “Lord Huron”. Run – don’t walk to listen to them. Check out “Mine Forever” on YouTube. Now, THAT takes alt-country and alt-roots and even Dead Country and adds a Western twist – a combo of several things – surf, spaghetti western movie theme, and is a stew of just the perfect ingredients.

I have been “absorbing” music that I have been listening to – and then trying to emulate their sound. It wasn’t really a conscious decision – I listened to all of the Dead Country Radio YouTube shows that is posted – and next thing you know – my Thinline Telecaster with its country and rockabilly sound became my main squeeze for the entire month of August. I think when you listen intensely and intently to something – that it turns something on in the brain – and you want to play what is bottled up in the old coconut.

This morning, I found my wife’s acoustic guitar from the 70’s – and I wrote this song on the living room chair and then had to record it. Then I added a Telecaster part and then lap steel. Later in the day – after my bike ride and weight lifting at the gym – and some really fun work on the Imaginary Puppet Theatre – where I painted a GREAT Harvest Moon, I added the bass and violin.

I never copy any band – I morph it and bastardize it to my own style. This ended up being a longer “jam” than usual. It was just too much fun . . .

She was the belle of the ball
Made of paper and clay
Exquisite in every way
Lovely Sally Mae

Men sailed the seven seas
To court her every day
Exquisite in every way
Lovely Sally Mae

So close and Yet so far
Her suitors held at bay
Exquisite in every way
Lovely Sally Mae


She was the one
That got away
But one that never was
Made of paper and clay
Exquisite Sally Mae

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