Imaginary Puppet Theatre Set Design Sketch

Its All Falling into Place for This Weekends Photo Shoot

Today I have a song experiment – this is a version where I played guitar, bass, piano, lap steel and mandolin:

And here is just the guitar – which is the instrument I used to write the song:

Just the guitar
Guitar and Piano – closest to decent – I think . . .

Wow – adding the other instruments changed the song to a point where it sounds just like another song I wrote a while back. Verrrry interesting – and something I just learned about writing, playing and arranging. Basically, I clobbered the main intent of the song by laying down three tracks – bass, mandolin and lap steel that pushed the chord progression and melody so far down in the mix that it became way too similar to another recent song. If I just used the guitar and piano it would have been fine – in fact, if I just had piano only in the bridge, and guitar everywhere else it would be plenty enough of a song idea.


It also reminds me why taking a really roughed in song to a band to arrange could be the better way to go – at least in some cases, (and depending on how good the players are). The different approaches and experience of each player would create something far more interesting.

Cool beans . . .

In other Art News, I have everything ready for #4 in the 666 Halloween Series. Today I finished the bookshelves and I built a small table to go next to Ol’ Chrome Domes high back chair.

Designing and building sets is such a soothing and fun hobby. Living in an Art Bubble sure is healthier than a political, social media or TV bubble.

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