You’re Feeling Very Sleepy …

Another simple 12 String, Solina and Piano song. I’m enjoying trying to keep it simple. I can come up with decent guitar chord progressions, so now I’d like to concentrate on my piano and organ/ synth counterpoint and melodies.

OK. NOW we’re talking. It’s been really great to simplify and just write using guitar and keyboards. It has forced me to know when to play and keep space open for other instruments. It has taught me when to play counterpoint or mirror the part playing along more in unison.

I’m just starting to get the sound that’s been in my head. R.E.M were more genius than I had known before. They knew how to drop in little parts that spoke volumes. Specifically, Michael Mills playing piano on some songs and then when he sang backing vocals. His little backing parts are what put the ribbon on their songs. The songs would still be good without these parts, but with them the songs soar.

When I was in a band in the 80’s, my co-writing partner was a much better and more experienced musician than I. The only problem, he dissected songs almost too much. There is this sweet spot I’m finding where a little improvisation played against a solid backbone is where you get “juju”.

The guitar chords in these songs are the backbone. Yes, the drum beat too.

But improvising the piano and organ parts are doing two cool things – making me a better keyboard player and teaching me how to improvise over a groove.

Happy October, my favorite month.

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