Haunted Grandfather Clock Prototype

Basic Haunted Grandfather Clock Idea

The best thing about a glue gun is that you can use it as a way to prototype assemblages. Once you like the composition, you can commit with two part epoxy or super bond wood glue.

I like the basic idea – but I need to down scale it. Its thrown together and is only the start of where I’m headed with this, but its a ton of fun. As I look at the prototype over the next few days, ideas will flow.

All of a sudden the haunted grandfather clock is becoming my favorite theme this “Halloween Month”.

Help wanted:
No more clowns
No more laughter
Only frowns

We pay well
And benefits you'll see
We lost our staff
To Washington, D.C

Everyone gets paid
To do nothing
Can't find help
So we'll be shutting

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