Remembering Jimmy Silva and Eric Scott

Switching Yard at Hotel Utah in SF in the Mid 80’s

As I’ve mentioned, I was in a couple of bands in the 80’s who had decent songs, but I struggled as a very green musician. My song writing ability took off like a rocket, but my guitar playing lagged behind.

I somehow met Eric Scott, and I vaguely remember rehearsing with him at his parents house in Hayward. He had a couple of good East Bay friends – Kim Wonderly – (who is the Traffic DJ at KCBS amongst many other pursuits and talents), and Jimmy Silva, who owned a trophy shop but was an avid song writer. Eric and I co-founded Switching Yard. We had a handful of gigs, including Hotel Utah in SF, my favorite place to play.

Jimmy moved to Seattle at that time, and went on to become a beloved song writer who wrote songs that bands clamored for, including bands on the local Pop Llama label, and The Smithereens (from the area in NJ my aunt and uncles lived), and Peter Buck and Scott McCaughy of R.E.M.

I don’t know how Switching Yard ended, its been too long, and we were together maybe a year, but sadly, both Jimmy Silva and Eric Scott have left this mortal coil – both far too young.

You should Google Jimmy Silva, The Flywheels and other references in this post. Its amazing how close I was to meeting some pretty famous people – people I absolutely adored.

This post is dedicated to Jimmy Silva and Eric Scott, I knew you only in what seems like a blink of an eye, but I have thought about you from time to time, so you did have a positive influence on my song writing and playing, and I can only give thanks that our paths did cross.


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