Agents of Krampus (AOK)

Santa’s Hell-pers Are Agents of Krampus!
If you need
A conspiracy theory
I've got one
You just have to hear it

What if
Santa's helpers are
Agents of Krampus (AOK)
Who drive GERMAN cars?

Think about it
If you will
If it walks like a duck
It must have a bill

Santa's Helpers
(A likely story)
What goes on in secret
Is probably gory

Those guys at the mall
The "So Called Santa's"
With Small Beady Eyes
Posing as The Infanta

And maybe, (just maybe)
Its a political plot
To keep our Kris Kringle
Away from His Lot

His Lot of course
Is US, The Deserving,
Deprive US of gifts
Now that's unnerving!

We've been Angels this year
Don't you see?
That's the whole point
Of this conspiracy

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