Every Song a Journey

Largest Treble Clef in British Columbia
As we slide 
Towards a new year
I count my blessings
With good cheer

Giving Thanks
Is so cathartic
Lifts your spirit
Very Karmic

I'm in love
With writing songs
Play my cello
Sing along

Remembering those
Who've left this earth
We all will go
They just left first

With the time
That I have left
I will follow
The Big Treble Clef

Every song
I try to write
Makes my days
Upbeat and bright

I thank God for
Good cheer in song
Each one a journey
I travel on

Many facets
In each song
Learning, yearning
The road is long

Like a photo
Marking time
With each song
Making rhymes

Every day
Is best of year
When I journey
With song in ear

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