The Secret Life of Musical Instruments

Player Piano
Musical Instruments
I Like to play
At last count
I'm up to Eight

First there is the Guitar
Six and twelve strings
Write most songs with it
Guitars chime and sing

Then there are the 88's
Keys of ivory and ebony
Notes are lined up in a row
Learning music theory is easy

Next up love the Bass
Sounds down low
Not in your face
Rhythm section flow

Cousin Cello
Like the bass
Goes from low to high
Use a bow with Grace

Mandolin is a strange thing
Doesn't play like guitar
Strings so taut and high strung
Plays bluegrass at the bar

Violin is in your face
Play it way up high
Learn to bow and hold it right
You can make it cry

Then there is the Old Lap Steel
Sliding up and down
Plucking fingers on the strings
Makes a mournful sound

Last there is the Theremin
Strangest of them all
It really is an instrument
Hear it's crazy call

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