Key System

The Oakland-SF Key System Railroad
My family immigrated
From Germany in 1924
To Newark New Jersey
They hated Hitler to the core

My Grandfather was a gunner
In World War One
Laid in his fox hole
Couldn't shoot anyone

Earlier descendents
Also wouldn't fight
Immigrated to Pennsylvania
They were Mennonites

But I digress
(As I always do)
I get lost in history
I'm an olde soul fool

Newark and Oakland
Are much in the same
Port Cities then
Not much has changed

But on the ground
There ran the streetcars
Through the community
Past storefronts and bars

I don't worry much
About my personal past
I romance the times
Before me, alas

I care a lot
About history and grace
Before social media
Got slapped in our face

People were kinder
A sense of civic pride
People complimented
Didn't deride

Old Trains
And Radio Stations
Were the media
In our fair nation

I don't lament
The years of my past
I dream of times before me
Time goes so fast

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