The (NY) Art of The Steal

Step Right Up!
The Old Joke Bout the man 
In Times Square
Wearing a trench coat
Opens his coat
Full of fake watches
As he gloats:

"Finest materials!
And workmanship
24 Carrot Gold (paint)!"
His flowing prose
"Something for the liddel lady?"
(Real watches they ain't)

And so it's come to pass
Our country fell
For such a con man
From New York!
Wore a wool trench coat
Installed his Klan

It still amazes Me how gullible so many Americans are. When you grow up in New Jersey you are bombarded with con men (and women), and in NYC in the 70’s and 80’s it was crawling with such characters.

There were the higher eschelon types like Jeffrey Epstein, Bernie Madoff, Crazy Eddie, Donald Trump, and who could forget Leona Helmsley. There were many others, all from NY – most NYC. Its such a common cliche – there are books and movies (“Catch me if you can”). NJ had it’s share too – just not as flashy.

Karma is real – and its extra sweet that Trump would never have gotten caught if he stayed out of politics. Funny how tax fraud will come to pass as his Achilles Heel.

I don’t even care if he ends up like Leona “Only the little people pay taxes” Helmsley. She got off with just months in prison then house arrest.

History is never kind to these narethewells, these scofflaws and charlatans 😁 That’s good enough for me.

The moral of the story? “Be careful what you wish for” and that Karma is Real!

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