The Solstice Holy Grail

Something profound
Happened this Fall
Caught by surprise
I heard something call

It must be our time
Here on Green Earth
Our days are so numbered
Until our rebirth

This ain't no religion
I'm here to say
Don't live for tomorrow
Live for today

Take in the beauty
Hear the sweet sounds
Play your piano
While you're still around

This Autumn
The colored leaves said to me
Climb that big hill
Ford that cold stream

Now comes the Solstice
And I'm feeling alive
I used to think Winter
Was a time for dying

Just yesterday
I saw new plants growing
Many are sleeping
Soon seeds will be sewing

I saw a bird
Wintering nearby
He flew here from Canada
Where Winter is Wild

What we think is Winter
Is mild for some birds
To them its not chilly
That seems absurd

With Fall crossed to Winter
I'm starting to see
How each day in life
Is a fun mystery

Grab your camera
Get on the trail
Search out new beauty
Your Holy Grail

Nothing is perfect
Nor lasts forever
Search out new scenes
Find something clever

Seasons go fast
Better take care
To capture their beauty
Until they're not there

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