My Top Three Favorite Assemblage Photos

This was much easier to choose from as compared to the Nature photography. The best thing about Assemblage is how what you end up building is better than your original idea. This usually happens when you have “happy accidents”. Many times an original idea doesn’t pan out because it feels forced.

The bookshelves were a big surprise. I used these tiny books sold on Amazon and glued everyone on an old varnished oak bookshelf made from an old scientific lab measuring device. I have more dramatic photos but this is the best close up.

The piano was also an old oak wooden scientific instrument case. This puppet was the perfect piano player because she looks like my piano teacher way back in the 80’s. This piece is tied with the bookshelves, but I’ll keep it at three images.

Most of my Assemblage pieces end up being photographed and then recycled. These three pieces won’t be recycled because they are the best and are keepers.

Ill post my plans for next years “art theme” in an upcoming post.

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