My Top Three Musical Events of 2021

By a country mile unexpectedly getting into playing the electric cello was a huge musical event this year. My wife surprised me by suggesting I learn to play cello and supporting my purchase of a 5 string NS Designs WAV5. The icing on the cake is having my niece teach me over Zoom. She attended U of Oregon in Eugene as a music major, and she is an awesome teacher.

Because my music studio / home office is a tiny room – only 7 by 10 feet – I have to economize on space. My cello doesn’t take up much room, but the bow does! I had to make space. Then, my wife asked if I could record with headphones (I had been miking my Fab Fender Mustang modeling amp). This required a late year revamp of my studio, and the Universal Audio Volt 276 put the ribbon on my studio changes. I love this interface so much I’ve ordered the 476.

Lord Huron blew me away. I’ve always loved “Alt-Americana”, I think since R.E.M. started it, Uncle Tupelo extended it, Blanche twisted it, The Cramps really twisted it, etc.

There were a lot of great Alt-Americana music and new artists featured on KPIG – especially Kianas shows, Radio Free Americana – where you’ll find super music not played elsewhere and YouTube. The Dead Country Radio was a favorite until my favorite shows were removed. But that opened a sort of “goth” sector of Alt-Americana.

Music for me has become as important to me as breathing.

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