This and Next Years “Art Themes”

This years art theme was “Haunted Puppet Theatre” or creepy puppets as a sort of Assemblage. There are a handful of really decent photos, but the concept took way too much time and effort with a lower return on my investment.

However, using the puppet theatre as a still life photo platform – and learning better lighting techniques was better than I expected. Building set scene pieces – specifically the piano and bookshelves worked out as “happy accidents”.

My attempt at a Raoul Hausmann “head” fell short, but the one true assemblage that I made with the two hands and woman’s patina face turned out to be perhaps my best assemblage ever.

What also worked was just simple vignettes instead of some theatre scene. This “player piano” idea worked and I’ll recycle my basement junk to keep doing still life photography.

I will try something video wise. Maybe stop motion, but I would need to invest in something like Dragonframe. Because its so time consuming, I might write some music and then do more of a filmed puppet show, but more as simple vignettes – not full stories. Like maybe have the piano lady in the pink dress simply play piano and maybe sing.

Speaking of singing, I’d like to find a style I could do where it sounds decent.

Nature photography will happen for sure. OK – cheers to you, and have a happy, safe and artful 2022!

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