Breaking Art News Flash!

Switchingyard, 1986 – Sutro Bath Ruins, San Francisco. I’m in the middle
Back into music 
After thirty something years
I just had an epiphany
That's always been near

Rock N' Roll
A simple art form
Disposable pop songs
Usually the norm

Under my nose
I just figured out
Arranging the song
Is what its about

It also applies
To other art forms
Like photography
Less is definitely more

I was listening to the recent posted song that I wrote called “Santa’s New Jet Rocket Sleigh”. When I wrote it I didn’t think it was that good because I knew that my mandolin and cello playing are so beginner. My guitar and piano playing is half way decent, but I thought it was just a silly little exercise.

Over coffee this morning, I found that while I’m no great musician, the song does have some “juju”. This tells me that if I keep at it – I could become a pretty decent song writer – so that’s what motivates me – its the journey – not some end goal. I actually like the song, and my lack of skill in some ways helped. I had to keep the parts simple since I’m on page 10 of my kiddie music lesson books playing Twinkle Twinkle little star. (I’m taking Twinkle Twinkle Little Star very seriously by the way!)

Rock N’ Roll and pop songs have been done over the years where it would seem every chord progression or melody has been done before. Then it clicked! The arrangement of several simple parts intertwine in such a way that there is “something” there. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Kicks Ass! Or maybe its called “Twinkle Stars Revenge?”. When I was in my 20’s I thought such exercises were silly. Boy did I miss the boat!

The same thing applies to my photography. A few simple parts goes a long way. Once you overdue it, you’ve gone too far (at least me being such a beginner musician).

Virtuosos of some instrument are the rare bird whose playing anything – simple or complex just works. But I’m no virtuoso, but that won’t stop me from trying to write a decent pop song.

When I was in a band in my 20’s in San Francisco, I never, ever would have figured this out. I wanted to play gigs and promote the band and I had more testosterone than brains. Hence the photo above.

Lets call this the “Lego School of Art and Music”. ALL of my recent Music and Photography was made up of several simple parts. Things that in themselves seem mundane and have been beaten to death in history. However, there are new points of view – and new arrangements that do sound new and (dare I say?) unique.


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