My Time on Earth

I'm so glad 
I've lived in my time
My era so interesting
Memories sublime

At the end of tubes
Into Solid State
Old Shortwave Radios
Sure were great

First pc's
Didn't escape me
Apple, Atari, Commodore
Now seems funny

Vinyl albums
Record and book stores
Sure beats Amazon
Now they're no more

Radio broadcasts
Favorite DJ's
You could call them
And ask them to play

My favorite music
My favorite bands
Seemed so much better
Than today's sound that's bland

In black and white
Use the Zone System
Gone overnight

No internet
Or cable TV
I think those times
Were way more carefree

I don’t want to come across as some stodgy old whining coot. I’ve worked in Silicon Valley for the past 40 years at places like Oracle, PeopleSoft and Credit Karma that changed the way a lot of things work and in some ways tangentially, play. I guess you could say I was part of the Digital Revolution that kicked analog out the door.

And I love digital. But in some cases, analog was more fun and gives me very fond memories.

Also, right now there is a LOT of great music, its just when I go to YouTube and watch music videos from the 80’s, but especially the 90’s it just blows me away that there was so much variety and huge talent. Also, people played instruments and sang with no quantizing or auto correct.

I use Steinberg Cubase 11, and I do touch up my piano parts – a little. I also could be accused of “playing to grid”, but I’m doing the hard work of actually playing my instruments.

Maybe ill try another version of this – call it “The Analog Life”, and make it humorous.

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