Three is The Golden Mean

In photography
The rule of thirds
Usually works
Sometimes absurd

When writing
Make three points
Is your strong suit
Sometimes disjoint

When building
The thing that's strong
Is the triangle
Sometimes its wrong


Its not always perfect
But most times its right
Three is The Golden Mean
It shines really bright

I’m going back over my best compositions – Music, Photography, Assemblage and Writing and the “Rule of Thirds” does usually work. There are exceptions – I can think of a couple photographers who purposely broke this rule and made great compositions, but for me its a great thing to try to remember in 2022.

I would argue that less is more – that if you break the rule – then use less than three strong parts in your composition.

There are two poets who practiced the (very) long form poetry – William Carlos Williams (Patterson) and various Jack Kerouac long poems. Every time I’ve tried to read these long form poems I stop after the first good part because I find they always run out of gas.

I love Shakespeare’s comment “Brevity is the soul of wit” and I try to follow that advice.

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