Ode to NYC Radio Row

Nothing will ever replace
The vacuum tube
Waddya think I am -
Some greenhorn rube?

I was building Heathkits
Before you was born
The telephone
We called it "Da Horn"

DuPont 35996
Was our telephone number
Smart Phones they ain't
They've made us dumber

Hey, you kid
With that Moog Synthesizer
Solid State - whad are ya
A commie sympathizer?

One of my favorite memories of New York City was Radio Row in and around Cortlandt Street:


The idea of this post is to simulate what would happen if Radio Row still existed and what one NYC merchant would say if you walked in touting your smartphone. I only saw the very last of radio row in the late 60’s and early 70’s. In high school I did work at Lafayette Radio Electronics in Newton, NJ – and man, I have some very funny New Jersey stories…….

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