The Confusion League

There are 3 major parts in 3 vertical lines
I've surveyed the scene
My crime of art
The best of all
Have just three parts

Those that hit
The cutting room floor
Were way too busy
Had too much more

Mental clutter
Leads to fatigue
A one way ticket
To the Confusion League


This rule of thumb
Works for all
Assemblage, Photography, Music
My new years call
There are 3 major parts in a diagonal line

This “epiphany” is not new for me. In my business writing, I’ve noticed people have less of an attention span than ever. You have to make your point quickly, then not dawdle or ramble on.

I was taught about the power of three many years ago in my photography classes. It does apply to Assemblage and Pop Music. If I don’t use three – my goal is two or one. Sometimes an object is so strong on its own.

Let 2022 be the year of keeping it simple and effective!

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