1986: In The Paint – Dangerous Rhythm Studios

Here is a song several people commented on recently when I jokingly said I was a wannabe rock star back in the 80’s. I wrote more of these kind of songs than I remember. I was ready to cringe when I found a cassette player – but it was a nice surprise. I’m no singer, but, if I were to sing as part of demoing my song idea (to a real singer) it would be OK. The music and lyrics are fine. Back then, R.E.M. was a big inspiration.

One really cool note – this was recorded at Dangerous Rhythm Studios by Matt Wallace. He is from the next town over and he recorded and produced Faith No More and several other big time Bay Area bands.

Switching Yard, 1985 – ish
True colors of blue and gold
Sun rising up
The air is cold
Bright shadows stretch
Across the field
New harvests yield
Its in the paint
But the tube is sealed

The sun is warm
Yellow rays glean
A silo, a barn
The perfect scene
Take out the canvas
With such great zeal
Its in the paint
But the tube is sealed

An old farmhouse
A screened in porch
Suns fading sky
Suns fading torch
Players swap cards
Its grandpas deal
Its in the paint
But the tube is sealed

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