Royer R10 Ribbon Mic Review

As I had expected, this Mic is quite flat and does require more gain than an active ribbon Mic. Using my Universal Audio Volt 276, if I use the built in effects, the R10 doesn’t require as much gain. But even without the effects, it seemed quiet – I’d have to crank my headphones way up to hear any noise, so I’d say you don’t need a Cloud Lifter or DBooster – at least if you are like me and just have a song writers project studio.

I tested the Mic using my very nice Eastman Mandolin MD-815 about 1 foot away and aimed at where the neck meets the body. I also used an empty bookshelf behind the Mic to get some reflected sound.

The sound as everyone reports is “realistic”. And the build quality is top notch.

However, I did order the Royer DBooster and will write a second review. There are several reasons I ordered the DBooster, and I’ll explain tomorrow in that follow up review.

I’ll also compare it with my Golden Age R1 MKIII Active ribbon mic, but with the R10 going through the DBooster.

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