Royer Labs DBooster (RDB20) Review

The Royer R10 is an exceptional mic, and I almost decided to send it back to Sweetwater.

Its output level is very low, although with the Universal Audio Volt 276, you can get by without a line preamp.

Because a line preamp – The Royer DBooster – protects the R10 from phantom voltage damage, and because my Volt267 doesn’t have selective phantom power for each Mic preamp, I decided to get one.

I heard this terrible oscillating noise when I tried to use it. Turns out – the Volt276 was being horribly over driven when the DBooster was set to 20dB. In the 12 dB it was fine.

It seems to work really well and the R10 with the DBooster complement my Golden Age R1 MKII nicely. The R10 has more highs so I get a really nice sound spectrum.

I’m becoming a ribbon Mic junkie. They just have this sound like no other mic.

I’ll continue to test it this weekend.

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