The Karma of Happiness

I just finished Jeff Tweedy’s short book “How to Write One Song”. While I don’t need exercises to write songs, I absolutely loved his description of his song writing process. He even addressed my “fear of singing” and he said he feels 1 in 5 songs he writes he likes. I feel like he’s a spiritual cousin because what he says I have felt the exact same thing.

Happiness comes from within
This we know as a child
We seem to forget
As we age for a while

I've been diagnosed
With Boyish Enthusiasm
Fever of Joie de Vie
The Happiness Spasm

How does it work?
Asked the doctor of mine
My answer was simple
Its all based on time

I greet each day
With a sun salutation
A nice cup of coffee
A mindfulness station

My mindfulness station
Is a clear mind from worry
I watch the sun rise
Then I let in the flurry

The flurry comes in
After looking at pictures
Places I've been
Maybe hardware fixtures

I try to see something
I hadn't before
In grand open vistas
Or cabinet doors

It never fails
That an old photograph
Of something from nature
(Or not) makes me laugh

I conjure the absurd
The crazier the better
I ask silly questions like
What if doorknobs wore sweaters?

Add in the fact
That I make junk art
Called Assemblage
Made of old rusty parts

These rusty parts
Are treasure to me
In each part
There is so much to see

All of this banter
During my first cup
It all came to me after
Just waking up

This happens again
When the sun's going down
Without coffee
And stillness abounds

I clear out my mind
Put my thoughts on a shelf
Take a deep breath
Think of nothing else

This cycle repeats
Every single day
Its a daily practice
Like how Abbey Monks pray

I greet each day
With a sun salutation
A nice cup of coffee
A mindfulness station

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