Four Sad Princes

OK, after two “heavy” posts, my attention is sliding back to silliness – the whole Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell story is stranger than a tawdry pulp fiction novel. Fair game I’d say …..

I know of Four Sad Princes
Heirs of Golden Thrones
Squandered all their wealth away
Now they're all alone

One had Golden Spurs
Emptied out his purse
Lawyered up and lawyered down
Shunned by his New York Town

Two had fun
In sex filled scandal
Liquored up and lacquered down
Shunned by his Windsor Town

Three mysterious
Can't imagine his delirium
Marriage hit the hard earth ground
Shunned by His Seattle Town

There is a fourth
But his stories old
Shunned by Hillary
His stories collecting mold

Pray for Princes
And their strife
Their Fall From Grace
And storybook life

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