Don’t Be Cruel

I’m going to see if I can try to continue writing songs for singers. Its different than what I’ve been doing, but the challenge is absolutely intriguing.

For “You Were a Sty in My Eye” I wrote the lyrics, then the music, and I had to keep tweaking the words so they flowed better with the music. I guess that’s called phrasing.

I don’t expect to be a great singer, but I want to be good enough that (in my fantasy world) I’d write these songs for a real singer and real band.

My motivation is the fun I’m having. I never had this much fun back in my 20’s playing gigs at dive bars. Now that I’ve learned basic music theory and work at it every day, after 2 years its all coming together. Its staring to feel natural and part of me. Jeff Tweedy, in his great little book “Write One Song” says he likes 1 in 5 songs and that you have to write every day and you have to create bad songs so you can have good songs. I couldn’t agree more. If I had this approach in the 80’s, I never would have left writing songs for the 30 something years that I did.

I can tell that the hard work is starting to pay off. And yeah, youth is wasted on the young. Hey there’s another funny song in here somewhere …..

Give me a C, a bouncy C!

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