My Favorite Singers

I grew up really close to the Appalachian Trail. I love any and all Bluegrass singers. I see bluegrass as “Hillbilly Punk”. I also love anything Americana, from Rockabilly, to Folk, Early Blues, etc. Tons of rock and pop…..

As far as more modern singers, here’s a short list:

Michael Stipe
Chris Cornell
Jay Fararr
Ben Schneider (Favorite song last year by Lord Huron)
Mark Kozolek
Iggy Pop
Dori Freeman
Richard Shindell
Natalie Merchant
David Bowie
Lou Reed
Andy Partridge
Colin Moulding
Colin Newman
Graham Lewis
Mike Patton
Johnny Cash
Gary Numan
Aimee Mann
Lucinda Williams
Allison Krause
Colin Melloy
Diana Krall
Elvis Costello
David Byrne
Jonathan Richmond
Layne Staley
Eddie Vedder
Scott Weiland
Neil Young
Mark Mothersbaugh
Debbie Harry
David Sylvian
Bryan Ferry
Gillian Welch
Billie Holiday
Ella Fitzgerald
Curt Cobain
Jim Morrison
Amy Winehouse (I think was so very special)

So many others, I'm overwhelmed and can't do this list just. But Jesus, when you try to sing you immediately understand how important the human voice is and how having a great voice is such a fine instrument. I love the singers who aren't technically great singers but who are so expressive and unique - they prove that if you put your heart and soul into it, with practice you can be at least decent.

I'm in awe of so many great singers.

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