Unique Art Manufacturing, Marx Tin Toys and Me

The Holoch family immigrated from Stuttgart to Newark, NJ in 1926. My grandfather came over first, and he had to have a sponsor. He was a machinist and his sponsor must have been a relative who knew someone here. It could have been Hildegard Marx, who married my second cousin, twice removed, Adolph Karl Holoch.

My grandfather and grandmother both worked at Unique Art Manufacturing in Newark, NJ. They also ran an apartment building at 206 Avon Avenue. Unique Art was located at 200 Waverly and was walking distance. Waverly was renamed Mohammad Ali (I think in the 70’s).

Because Unique Art had a very strong connection with Marx Toys, I would not be surprised if Hildegard Marx was the connection. You had to know someone and have a job when you immigrated back then.

Before my father passed in 2006, I showed him the thousands of dollars collectors pay for these toys and he laughed and said “For these cheap stamped metal things?”

Anyway, the tenants in their apartment building and at people at work were mostly German immigrants. My family was Evangelishe – which translates to Lutheran, and Hildegard Marx was Jewish. My father spoke German and Yiddish just because that’s what everyone around him spoke, and Yiddish is so close to German anyway.

Yesterdays song has a few Yiddish words thrown in as a nod to my families past life in Newark, NJ. Mazel Tov!

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