A Musical Paradox

Because I’m trying to sing I Googled “Best Aria” and Marie Callas popped up. Wow. Now that’s singing. Then I Googled “Most rock singers don’t sing”. Geez – I’m going to listen to some Arias and Musicals. Maybe I’ll finally like anything that’s musical. And yeah, most rock singers don’t really sing, but that’s exactly why I love rock n roll. Some bluegrass singers are caterwallers, and that’s exactly why I love bluegrass. Here’s the funny part – while I made exaggerated gestures making fun of opera and musicals as a child, guess what? That music moved me to react physically – just like rock does. What a funny epiphany.

As a child 
I always made fun
Of Opera singers
Who weighed a ton

I'd voice their words
With pantomime
Throw my arms up
Out of time

Now I see
The paradox
The music moved me
Just like rock


What is music?
What is singing?
Is it Opera?
Or the telephone ringing?

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