Stow Aways

This Lyric is a round about way of me holding back with my music playing and singing confidence. Sometimes its real hard to get past self consciousness. When you do, the feeling of freedom is really great. Don’t pay no mind to nay sayers, even when that nay sayer is yourself!

Timmy, Mr. Lucky and Robert
The boys and Mr. Lucky
Play "Stowaways"
Its an indoor game
For rainy days

They try to find
Places to hide
No one can find them
Hiding inside

When they were playing
Mom and Dad
Couldn't find them
That made them mad

Just when Mom
Went into a panic
Mr. Lucky's Spring Sprung
(He needs a mechanic)

The lid flew open
The three of them there
The parents found them
The end of that scare

If you're still hiding
Away from the world
Get out of the house
Let your freak flag unfurl


Life is best lived
On the Outside
Don't follow others
Be your own guide

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