Meta Wurst

I woke up today riffing on this new stupid Metaverse bullshit. If it wasn’t already bad enough that Facebook and Twitter (and many others) have opened the asylum up so loonies can ruin America, now these Tech Oligarchs want to double down on the Virtual World. I say we need more contact with real life people, not cartoons or caracatures of that person. If this VR were used for medical purposes, then we are talking – but Zoom works to say bring real people together in a more human way. I’m not against technology or tech companies per se – I’ve been in IT for 40 years. But social media has brought out the very worst in humans who can hide in anonymity hating each other. And these miscreants are fine peddling their bullshit because they’ve become filthy rich American Oligarchs. They own the politicians – its a total racket.

I wrote a fairly sad sounding (or perhaps introspective sounding) song after I wrote the lyrics. I used this pattern:

Intro, Verse, Chorus and repeated it two more times. There are 6 stanzas – grouping is 3 sets of 2 with the chorus. Its linear and meant to be – no bridge because its my idea of a social or political statement – keep it direct, like Woody Guthries “This Land is your Land”. I will write a follow up post because I’m sure ill need to tweak these lyrics. Consider this the ” before”… I might ditch the chorus or just not sing it ….

In these times
Of social decay
We don't need no
Meta Wurst Play

Money and Prophets
People aren't real
Virtual things
The Art of the Steal

Inhuman humans
Monster cyborgs
Selling you bullshit
At the nonsense store

Religion is Politics
They're one in the same
Highest ratings
Wins the game

Social media
So anti social
Turned US against US
It's really woeful

I'd rather know
How sausages are made
Than hide behind
A Virtual Vail

The more virtual
The less human
The Meta Wurst
Oligarchs delusion

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