Slight Change in This Blog

I’m going to start writing notes on my creative song writing process. I had been posting song ideas for almost two years, but trashed the first four months. I did that because my songwriting and reentry into being a musician after 30 years away did jump to a new level after those first four months. Then, each year I’ve seen very good jumps in my abilities, and I added new instruments – mandolin, violin, bass, lap steel and cello. (In the 80’s I played guitar and piano).

Now that I’ve been singing a little, the game is changing, and is more challenging. While I have serious thoughts about social issues and politics, I am a very private person. I’ve never attended a protest or rally. I’m actually usually a very silly person but also I love surrealism and dada. A sense of humor, and taking what starts out as a protest song but making it as absurd as I can or funny, is my style and matches my personality.

Most of my lyric ideas come from the beauty in the world and how to be thankful and live the best life you can. But sure, every time I hear people in this world doing evil, I do have a visceral reaction. But I quickly move on from that. Life is too short to let the negative stuff ruin your day.

I feel like you need to be yourself when you write and especially sing. I feel you can’t fool anyone if you force trying to be someone or something you’re not.

Some singer song writers whom I love – like Natalie Merchant are superb but intense. How she can write a serious song about a serious topic and have you sing along is amazing.

OK, I hope you find my new song writing notes interesting. One thing I’ve learned is my writing about your experiences, it opens one or more points of view or ideas that add even more interesting thoughts to the original.

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