2020 in 2022

I also re-mixed the song and got rid of way too many effects:

And the original”

in a nutshell

  • Yesterdays dirge gave way to more optimism today
  • Maybe the end of the pandemic will lighten people up
  • I’m starting to get the hang of writing for a singer


While I’m almost always super optimistic, some of the crap that has happened in the US over the last 6 or 7 years – with a pandemic thrown in the fire, means the stress level of people all over the globe has been high. Maybe, just maybe we could have even a little Roaring 20’s about to start. That is what we all need. People at the gym today were so happy not to have to wear a mask. Restaurants are packed. There is something good brewing!


A train coming out of a long dark tunnel. Maybe tomorrow I’ll use this metaphor


Crafting a song is part art and part sourcery. I never stay pessimistic for long – luckily there is karma and constant change. Its never all bad or all good all of the time.

You can feel it in the air
The unbearable lightness of being
Post pandemic fervor
That's what I'm seeing

We've all had enough
Its time to go outside
Cafes, theatres and bars
The new roaring 20's time

I long to hear live music
I long to travel abroad
There's no time like the present
This we must applaud

2020 vision
In 2022
I got my plan
How about you?

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