Outbound Train

The third that I have re-mixed to reduce the number of effects:

in a nutshell

  • A mini Roaring 20’s is upon us
  • Short attention spans mean moving on
  • It’s time for good news!
  • Leaving 6 – 7 years of pain


I can’t unlink the pandemic from Trump – he is also a terrible disease. People are simultaneously sick of both diseases. I have new hope that the tide is about to turn in a big way. Americans are very fickle. In this context, it’s a good thing.

I think the end of the pandemic starts a mini Roaring 20’s and (short attention span humans) will move on to better things. We endured Trump, Climate Change Disasters, Social Unrest and a Pandemic. At least some things have to get better.


The last 6 – 7 years, the light at the end of the tunnel was the Trump Train entering the tunnel. Now that train is leaving us – and we can see beyond that darkness.


The pandemic is Karma in that regard – it not only prevented Bozo from an easy win, more importantly – and no matter what happens politically – his business is pure burnt toast. No more loans, no more insurance and his brand died completely on January 6th. His handling of the pandemic was criminal. . The whole story will be fascinating a very un flattering way in the history books. He and his minions will be viewed like The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. Sadly, some more competent and imminently dangerous buffoon will emerge, but we will at least have a few more “quiet” years to enjoy.

Out of the darkness
Into the light
Its time to say
Goodbye to blight

Its time for peace and light
We've all paid our dues
Lock him up, shut him down
Its time for some good news

The other blight, disease
We've all paid many dues
Shut it down, let it drown
Its time for some good news

The blight that plagued
Us for so many days
Disease and strife
An outbound train

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