Don’t KRY4ME

My songs aren't played
On Radio KRY
It feels just like
A poke in the eye

Didn't quit my day job
Do you understand why?
I can't get no airplay
On Radio KRY

I sang about a girl
Whose a sty in my eye
They won't play it
On Radio KRY

Wrote that bouncy song
The station denied
They won't play it
On Radio KRY

Wrote three songs
For that radio station
KRY won't play
They said "No Obligation"

I packed my guitar
I'm wondering why
They won't play my songs
On Radio KRY

All the hits
All the time
My songs rejected
On Radio KRY

in a nutshell

  • Less is more when it comes to mixing
  • The KRY radio theme keeps on giving
  • Just learning a few new guitar chords opens up new song ideas
  • I’m just starting to enjoy singing


Wow, less is so much more when mixing and creating an MP3.


KRY – the theme that lives on past what I had expected


Less is more, more or less

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