Small Recording Studio Mixing 101

Over the last two years I worked very hard to stay away from the technical side of music – and while I did have to spend some serious time learning Steinberg Cubase, I kept my nose to the musician grindstone. I know from the 80’s – when I thought a gee whiz synthesizer could make you a better player that that was wrong. Sure – todays technology does let you do a lot more with less skill and talent – but that is if you want to use tools like auto-tune, quantization, etc.

I don’t. I’m old school – I want to play 8 instruments plus sing and do it well enough to take something I wrote and bring it to my imaginary band practice and try to get the band to jump into it and help me mold it into something great.

Once I got my playing skill up to where I had wanted when I started (back into) music and playing 2 years ago – I did upgrade my microphones and did add some acoustic treatment to my little studio. The final “corner” of this triangle is to learn how to mix – and not just hope as I have for quite a while.

When I started, I did record in stereo – but stereo on one track. Maybe a half year ago – I switched to making every track mono – but use two mics and two tracks to record the same thing. Some times it sounded awesome – sometimes not – it was a crap shoot.

Between the book pictured above, and this YouTube site:

Justin Colletti is awesome – I couldn’t stop watching his videos because it was like taking a college course in small studio mixing and studio setup. Between the book above and this YouTube channel – I am learning a ton and so fast.


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