No Video Game

Two guitar and vocal tracks and one Cello – the mids boosted in EQ and the Cello with some very low frequencies trimmed. The vocals use a tube delay instead of reverb on one track. The Royer R10 and NT1A on vocals and SM57 and NT1A on the guitar amp and together at the crease of where the cone and paper meet on the left side.

This mix is good like yesterdays, even though the mics and Mic placement is different

Listen up
That's distant fire
This can't be real
It's getting dire

The clouds of smoke
And burning embers
People hiding
In their cellars

This is real
A Red Invasion
Ignored the warnings

Playing games
Power junkies
Always the same

Media whores
Film the carnage
All for ratings
Common knowledge

These are people
Played as pawns
Lives at stake
From dusk till dawn

This is real
No video game
The World's on fire
We've gone insane

in a nutshell

  • First 24/7 cable news, then the internet – has dehumanized war
  • I have two Ham Radio friends in the Ukraine
  • This is a real war, with real people and real lives


Just when you think maybe the pandemic is at its end and there could be a roaring 20’s, war breaks out. This will affect the world – Ukraine is very close to Europe. There will be all kinds of consequences and repercussions, but it seems these days everything is some virtual game. Combine this with Tucker Carlson like clowns and idiot Trump with his word diarrhea – praising Putin and you have the actual citizens of that country paying the ultimate price. This isn’t a video game!


The dehumanization of war in the media (all media). American Morons supporting the arch enemy to get attention due to either fragile ratings, ego or both. Its sick.


Its not easy to write a song like this, but I feel so bad for the common people in the Ukraine, and realize it can happen anywhere – yes, even in the USA. Goes to show corporate greed, politicians and white men with super inflated egos are at it again.

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