Ode to Carrie A. Nation

This was done on the SSL2 interface – with EQ and effects:

Here is the song using the SSL2 interface with no EQ or Effects:

She stood about 6 feet tall
She had an axe to grind
Smashing bottles in public houses
Tried to save mankind

She had rocks and called them smashers
She threw them at pubs and bars
Yelling "Repent ye soul destroyers!"
Marched on to Kiowa

Womans Christian Temperance Union
Home Defenders Army
Led the life of Anti Hero
Never the life of the party

Hatchet Granny
Was her name
Smashing bottles
Was her game

in a nutshell

  • Its Mardi Gras
  • Its Woman’s History Month
  • The origin of Battle Axe is from Carrie A. Nations “passion”
  • I was looking up battle axe because that’s what we called my third grade teacher


By sheer coincidence I stumbled on the story of Mrs. Carrie A. Nation while looking up the origin of the term “Battle Axe”. The fact that today is the first day of Woman’s History Month makes this even funnier. Last weekend I thought about Mrs. Ford – my third grade teacher whom we called an old battle axe.

At first I thought “what a kook”, then I had some empathy for her. She lost her first husband, A young handsome doctor to alcoholism, and it’s obvious that set her off for life. She did have a history of mental illness in her family, so there’s that possibility, but she is one interesting lady.


The origin of the word battle axe and this fascinating woman’s life.


I love weirdos and eccentrics

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