Pipe Down

This is the back story to my first “American Eccentric” song (Ode to Carrie Nation). That started a new series, which will become a new thread on this blog. I woke up one morning and thought about my third grade teacher, Mrs. Ford from the Merriam Avenue Elementary School in Newton, NJ.

Mrs. Ford used an ancient nautical phrase, “Pipe down children, pipe down!” …

When I remembered we used to call her an old battle axe, I googled that phrase and Carrie Nation came up. Oddly, Carrie Nation looked like she could have been Mrs. Fords grand mother. Then I realized what we thought was old was some one my age now.

Its as if Mrs. Ford wanted to teach to me from that special Teachers Lounge in the sky!

Two toots on the boatswains pipe
"Time to go below deck"
Old Mrs. Ford yelled in third grade
An antique from the Titanic wreck

She seemed so old - almost dead
A crusty old wrinkled prune
We thought she was older than old
A witch with her dusty old broom

The silly thoughts of a child
Now I'm probably her age
When she taught us at school
Merriam Avenue Third Grade

The neighbors point at me now
While I roll down the hill
An old wrinkled prune on his bike
Who swallows his bitter own pill

"Pipe down children
Pipe down"
The old battle axe
Shouted out loud

I suppose .....

If you don't
Pipe down
We'll all
Run aground

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