There may be many anti war protest songs, but one thing that is clear is that the aggressor is usually afraid of something. The US in Vietnam was afraid of Communism, Bush was afraid of what 9/11 looked like – so he went after a bad guy – but a guy who had nothing to do with 9/11.

Putin must be afraid of his weak economy – smaller than Italy’s, and also in large part he’s to blame. Besides Vodka, AK-47’s, Oil and Gas what goods or services does Russia export? Not much at all.

Russians are smart – their repressive Government is not. They hold their people and economy down. War won’t fix anything. The Common People in Russia (like the US have been lied to and cheated for centuries). The US at least allows discourse, pushback and protest, (although the GOP under Trump would much rather follow their “Dear Leaders” authoritarian leader examples). Yes, it CAN happen in the US!

Only weaklings start wars
Inhuman monsters they are
Broken dreams, stolen lives
Only weaklings start wars

Only weaklings start wars
Pure evil we can't understand
There's a place in hell for them
Only weaklings start wars

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