Le ROI Est Mort

The King is Dead 
He won't be missed
Let's dance on his grave

Born unto privilege
Died deep in debt
He couldn't be saved

Only a mortal
Choked during dinner
On his silver spoon

Rushed to the doctor
It was too late
For fat old King Buffoon

Justice ain't just
But Karma sure is
Our Wannabe King
Has bitten the dust

in a nutshell

  • All kings die, eventually
  • Dictators and kings never last long
  • Its amazing how much damage, pain and suffering one human can inflict


It’s an age old song, sung through the years. Few countries seem to have avoided the king syndrome where one (it’s almost always a white male – certainly male anyway) rises up, then falls.


The rise and fall of kings, tyrants and dictators.


And this too shall pass

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