Blackheath Blues

The Queen Anne I had to escape from in Blackheath, London. R. Holoch, 1989
Blackheath London
Is when I learned
That I had a spine

Blackheath Village
I had to leave
I knew it was time

In 1989 I was sent by a Bay Area software company to go live in London and fly to our distributors and teach them how to support our software. I had my apartment all set up (in Pfullham) and just days before I left, I was told that I would be staying with the General Manager, at his house in Blackheath (to save the company money). That bait and switch really pissed me off, and it would have been a real disaster, trust me.

I called the CEO of the software company on a Friday and told him I would book the next flight home unless he let me go find an apartment the next week. And that I did – and I ended up in a great place across from the Hollywood Pub on the border of Chelsea and Pfullham, (SW-10 which I think is West Brompton), and I loved it. Somehow I pulled off the most politically astute thing I’ve ever done at work – and the remaining time in London and Europe was magical and without incident – just great memories.

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