Reality and Perception

Musical photographs
Pictures of sound
The element of surprise
Can be profound

Hidden secrets
Hidden meaning
During the day
In the evening

Stream of conscious
Dreamy thoughts
The music played
What the camera caught

There are more parallels between photography and music – specifically song writing. Both try to paint a picture and perhaps tell a story. The story can be reality or a dream.

I’ve found it best to keep taking pictures and writing songs a la Keroauc’s “stream of consciousness” approach.

This is where more is better. There isn’t really a bad photograph or song, just best and not best. I’ve been very surprised how I’ve had an old photograph that technically is not good but evoked more feeling and emotion that a technically superior image.

I’ve had plenty of songs I almost scrapped because the first part I wrote just didn’t inspire, but after adding accompanying parts really bloomed into something unexpected and some thing I liked. I’ve also written songs that started out great but after several listens, fell flat.

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